exploiting blogrush, big time.

at the moment i heard from shitmonkey that he thinks blogrush is cool and that the whole project is founded by john reese, i already knew that this thing cant be any good. shitmonkey said, i just want that you know exacty what he wrote:

I talked to John Reese the owner of Blog Rush last night and he said based on my traffic I should get minimum 45,000 impressions per day on the blog rush network in the business/marketing category. So wow thats a lot right. Well people made some good points in the post that I don’t really need more people and am already probably known in the marketing area…. this is true…

So I have a idea!

If you signed up under my referral already or if you sign up before the end of this month under my referral and you are running the widget on your site. I will run your code in rotation on shoemoney.com starting October 1st until THE END OF THE YEAR. This should give you plenty of time to get the ball rolling on your blog. Of course if someone signs up under the blog rush widget you will get credit for them signing up under you (not me) for life!

This means shoemoney.com will be giving you points so you will get impressions of your blog topics and get a piece of that 45,000+ impressions on the blog rush network.

what he said here was that if you sign up under his referral then you're signed up under his referral and because you signed up under his referral you will get points so you will get impressions.
i don't really understand how you get points from him and a piece of the from john reese estimated 45,000+ impressions if you sign up under his referral because the referral system runs from the top of the pyramid to the bottom. as i understand it.

the point here is that you have to sign up under his referral. why? because that means you'll put the + into the 45,000+. he pulled the same trick with auctionads.

because i knew before, that the whole system is complete bullshit because you cant give the people more impressions as available in a system (i dont have the time to show you the math but pyramid systems never work out) i played around with the widget.
this means i played for ten minutes, that include signing up under no ones referral and included the widget on this blog. i sniffed the request url that the widget requests and wrote a little script that requests this url in a loop with a slightly changed user-agent each time, exactly how the widget does it.


$url = 'http://www.yoursite.com/';
$id = 12345678;
for( $i = 0; $i < 5000; $i++ ) {
echo $i.'-';
$s = substr( rand().rand(), 0, 16 );
$u = 'http://widget.blogrush.com/box.php?f='.$id.'&url='.urlencode( $url ).'&ref=&r=0.'.$s;
$o = array('http'=>array('method'=>'GET','header'=>"Referer: '.$url.'\r\nUser-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/ - ".$s."\r\n"));
$c = stream_context_create( $o );
file_get_contents( $u, FALSE, $c );


you dont know me well but i worked in many different agencies and dotcom companies and from this time i know that most coders (98%) are fucking stupid and by that i mean literaly FUCKING stupid. they always mean they are so clever but they dont.
so my guess was that those idiots hash ( ip + user-agent ) together to prevent that someone fakes the stats with just reloading a widget over and over again. now you have two points of failure: the ip and the user-agent. because i dont want to try it with 5000 proxy ips i decided to go with the user-agent. as you can see in the script above the user agent changes a bit in each request so if they block your requests on ( ip + user-agent ) i would get a point to my account from each request of this script.

i let the script run for around 4000 times and then hit the break and wait for the stats.
today the stats got enabled...

in the image you see my dashboard at blogrush:
blogrush member dashboard

Current Credit Balance: 3,600
Credits Earned Today: 245
     From Your Traffic: 245
     From Your Referral Network: 0
Credits Earned Last 7 Days: 5,626
     From Your Traffic: 5,626
     From Your Referral Network: 0

last 7 days include yesterday what means i was right. blogrush has stupid coders like every other company out there.

btw. just to make sure im right i let the script run for a 3,000 times:
blogrush member dashboard again

Current Credit Balance: 6,423
Credits Earned Today: 3,102
     From Your Traffic: 3,102
     From Your Referral Network: 0
Credits Earned Last 7 Days: 8,483
     From Your Traffic: 8,483
     From Your Referral Network: 0

finally, lets see what blogrush delivered in the last two days:
# cut -d " " -f 11 /home/www/logs/access_www_seo-blackhat_com.log | grep "blogrush" | wc -l

two visitors.

at the end i have to say that i shouldnt blame shitmonkey with this because everybody writes good about blogrush and links to the own referral, it's not only he who does it. everybody does, probably inspired by shitmonkey.
no question why... the system sounds good.

it's your decision if it really is.

john reesemany people asked how john reese looks like.

shitmonkey blogrush statisticsread shitmonkey's blog today? ... and dont forget to "signed up here".
"he had a very competent staff in place they had some many new users (I think the number was like 15,000) the first day…."

competent staff. yeah... right. the "in" is missing.

blackhatdomainer.com decided to copy my article without any credit... so digg for me, not for him. :P

... and dear you lovely content stealer aka blackhatdomainer.com:
if you want to protect your ip with TOR, you dont have to use cURL. that only shows me how stupid you are because you just copied an example and wrapped it into a function. you know how i would do it by minimal altering MY code?
i would change this line from the code above:
$o = array('http'=>array('method'=>'GET','header'=>"Referer: '.$url.'\r\nUser-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/ - ".$s."\r\n"));
into this and it would be the same and you dont have to use cURL:
$o = array('http'=>array('proxy'=>'tcp://','request_fulluri'=>true,'method'=>'GET','header'=>"Referer: '.$url.'\r\nUser-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/ - ".$s."\r\n"));
... and done.

btw. the port is by "default" 8118 for privoxy. 9050 is the TOR port and you shouldnt use only TOR... but you know shit so dont worry about it.


today john reese write on the dashboard of blogrush.com, under your own impressions/clicks:

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Click- through rates are very low right now due to problems with some users cheating the system. We are a few days away from removing all abuse from the system and you will see your click-rates increase. We are also moving to a Manual Review Process for all member blogs which will also increase the traffic you receive. Thank you for your patience -- we're working hard to improve this beta version of our service.

haha, right.


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  1. More Fluffware brought to you by the Shoemoney corporation.

  2. Just seen on senor Shoemoney’s Blogrush widget:

    Making money with online affiliate sales and adsense and ..
    H.ood.ia - Lose more weight
    Useful Information!
    How to use StumbleUpon to Leverage more Traffic

    Great job on content targeting, Mr. Reese. I can’t wait to watch this product implode onto itself…

  3. fuckin’ right buddy. Well done.

  4. Woot! Can’t wait for the next service to reverse-engineer heh

  5. hashtable
    Sep 19th 2007

    fuck yeah! yet another poorly programmed web-system.

  6. Nice work, my man…

  7. i like shoemoney, at the same time he has proven to be shady at times. I like reading your blog to see if he’s being truthful in what he says - you do a very good job at exposing him

  8. Dark Monkz
    Sep 20th 2007

    Great finding, nice work !! WIll have to credit 5000 credits to my account

    Shoeshit must be very happy with all their referrals… but the worst part is her ego ” don’t really need more people and am already probably known in the marketing area…. this is true…”

  9. “now you have two points of failure: the ip and the user-agent”

    I thought that was a Very funny line ;-)

  10. Hello there, here’s the asshathole!

    What a bad temper you got! It’s not usual for me not the give the right credits to people. I was just too tired last night and forgot to do it. I was also pissed not to be able to post the article and getting 503′. I finally dig it down to the curl_exec line.

    You can check ALL my other articles are either 100% mine or the right credit is given. I hate copy cats

    Having said so, I HAVE CORRECTED MY POST and given you the correct credit for it. It’s better later than never.

    In the end this is nothing more than a refresh thing and even the Firefox refresher widget works!

    Having said so, and because I don’t like this kind of things, I can remove the cod if you want to!!! Just say so! I have many friends on the scene and my reputation is above all!

  11. Desmond
    Sep 22nd 2007

    Hi, with code edit to include proxy, does that means we’ll need to look out for a list of good proxies for it to work?

    Without proxy it’ll show the ip address of my server that host this script, for all the 5000 requests. This is an easy tell-tale it’s a fake.


  12. ha ha ha

    you screwed them up well buddy! nice bashing. :)

    I was new to your blog today even though I have been old into the blogging world but you earned a daily reader today!

    and hey no one is disturbing me now…I am off to earning few…just a few…very few….credits


  13. Wow, I really don’t know anythign about programming, but damn! Good work!

  14. Just wait until their “fix”. I bet we can still get around that, chances are they’re blocking the user agent and going by IP - oops, can still get around it.

    If you think about it, there is no way to actually stop this. Good luck, BlogFlush.

  15. Hahahahahaha!!! Another spot on humor post by the ever so talented Tobsn.. Dude, you had me laughing so hard when I read this. Blog Rush. What the fuck is the point of this? Aside for looking like a total MLM structured script, and every fuckface in the world put it on their blog. I was going around just in complete awe that so many people were falling for such a stupid and silly idea. “Here everyone, put this thing on your blog, and it will make you rich…. in useless hits”. Sheep.

    The best line, hands down of the whole damn thing though was the final response to what you did when you gamed it.. “We are also moving to a Manual Review Process for all member blogs” — Hahahahaha!!!

    Yeahhhhhhhh right. Suuuuure you’re moving to manual review. Do you have any idea how fucking annoying and tough that will be? Not to mention how easy it is to game. All ya gotta do is make a new account. Make it kosher until after it’s reviewed, and then load it up… BAM! Instant anarchy!

  16. hehe, your right…

    but you know, you always read about those web2.0 startup sites getting literaly MILLIONS of dollars for… yeah for what? i mean take a small web2.0 site with a few hundered users a day. for what does this idiots need like 20 million bucks?

    i guess many of them spend it on expensive furniture for their hip offices and, i guess, many spend it on a massive amount of people approving submissions of any kind…

    get the point? you have to invest money into stupid shit to get bigger.


  17. Love your writing style bought a big smile to my face and loved the topic. Thought it was just me that hated shoeshit.

  18. May be a silly question but who’s “ShitMonkey”?

  19. I guess, many spend it on a massive amount of people approving submissions of any kind.

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