jon from wickedfire still sucks…

sorry, i swear the next post is about something useful.

but look at this: Free Affiliate Summit East Passes from WickedFire!

jon writes at the end of it:
PS - We’ll be handing out flyers at Affiliate Summit East about a new paid service we are launching after the show. It’s currently in beta, and I’ll make a post about it here before the show with one of those email newsletter collection forms that all of the ebook douches use, except there won’t be any bonuses or upsells or ebooks. We’re going to limit it to 350 people total, and even from that, there are still minimum requirements on your end, that if you don’t meet, too damn bad for you! (don’t IM or email me about this, I’ll just ignore it)
okay jon... a limited paid service. a idea like eli did a few weeks ago?
very creative.
you want that people spend good money into something you produced and you write that you will ignore e-mails and IMs about it? you're not that important. trust me. every professional laughs about you.
btw. is 350 your lucky number or something? last time you offered your "idea blocks" for $350 each...

oh and i'll ignore your stupid IRC msg's you send me.
*** JonWF (n=chatzill@xxx) has joined #wickedfire
that linkbait idea we are doing is working really well, hahaha!!
Everyone thinks you're poking fun at me and hating me.. I owe you an apology dude, your idea worked really well.
*** JonWF (n=chatzill@xxx) Quit (Client Quit)

i don't wanna do any linkbait with or for you, i just want to tell the people that your "tips" are pretty useless... thats probably because you never explain anything.

my advice for all people out there:


my secret tipp:
better invest $100 into SQUIRT, the tool from eli and get access to it and also to the labs and the vault. where you can get free scripts based on posts on and big databases with all kinds of stuff or buy scripts and databases and get access to new tools in development.
...or write me an e-mail and i'll do it for you... i mean im writing that sort of scripts for like 8 years now.
oh and you can buy my scripts in eli's member area. i think that's enough said.

but nevermind jon, 90% of the users on are so fucking stupid to buy that member access fee.
if you sell that "exclusiv" offer 350 times for, im guessing now, $350 you're making alot of money.

... $122,500.00 to be exact.

next time on this weblog:
- how to crack simple captchas with php, imagemagick and gOCR
- scraping the api
- getting real with Desert Scraping or "do it like eli explains it"

(all articles including a full working example script!)

...and you can email or IM me if you want to.


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  1. you make a good point
    Jul 16th 2007

    you make a good point. Jon’s blog blows. I can’t remember the last time he said something useful.

  2. Anyone with common sense wouldn’t pay $350 anyway.

  3. Guys, forget about everything on wickedfire. Learn some marketing stuff there if there is something valuable available there and ignoring everything. Their bashing, rants, paid premium section. Except for some of the valuable marketing stuff out there, the forum is almost full of immatures and good for nothing people with all their arrogance.

  4. WickedFire SUX

  5. This fag, Jon, the cry baby of wickedfire sucks like no one out there.

  6. You absolutely got that right …. Problem is Jon is too arrogant himself to know when to shut the F*CK up :)

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