mmoga. buying stuff online sucks. sometimes.


my brothers xbox membership expired. since its christmas and im back home for a visit i tried to buy him a new 12 month gold membership and 4200 live points. of course to buy the new street fighter HD.
what happened so far, short version:

bought a xbox live 12+1 gold membership at for my own US account:
SUCCESS - instant email with code

bought a xbox live 12+1 gold membership at for my brothers EU account:

today, three days later, they still try to validate my parents phone number.

as a side effect my paypal account got restricted because of paypals fraud protection, since the last time i used it i was in the states and now im not what triggers a hacker protection. thats the 5th time paypal does that shit with my account.

the live chat with MMOGA (.de/eu/etc.) is basically totally useless. some "Sabina", "Liana" or "Tina" says hello and asks you how she can help you. after you explained whats wrong, nothing happens - seriously - they just stop talking and the chat is still online. i have still the chat windows open, one in chrome and one in firefox - the javascript counter at the top right tells me i wasted over an hour with no reply.
earlier today i got somebody to reply every 20 minutes and she suggested to send my ID, scanned, in an email, since they cant call my landline number for some unknown reason to approve my identity (from a paypal purchase? wtf?). she told me that they will call me back on my cellphone around 3pm. now its 6pm and nothing happend.
btw. i also had to explain why i bought 4200 points - "so many points" - the complete order is 103 euro.

why im writing this? because im angry about it. its completely offtopic and the only reason is that i hope other people read it and never buy from MMOGA.

to make it more clear, again:



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  1. So….. What you’re trying to say is, MMOGA.. Bad?

  2. yes. horrible bad.
    im trying since yesterday to contact them. no chance. they just ignore me and didnt even send back the money.

  3. yeah buying stuff online is so sketchy. i bought something online for the first time, and got three hundered dollars stolen from me.

  4. illumination
    Apr 11th 2009

    same here, real nightmare they even not have support, i have bought GTC for wow using clickandbuy option but their site destroyed my session and i even don’t have order number but transaction was done and i have and invoice from clickandbuy, “Live” support forward me to send mail to with invoice and all info and they tell me that cant do anything and forward me to i have send mail there to but 5 days i’m still waiting answer. MMOGA are scammers they will steal your money dont buy anything from them.

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